Your position matters!

The biggest part of your drag comes from your position

Your position has a direct impact on the aerodynamic drag. It is likely to observe more than a hundred watts between the efficiency of the position on the time trial bike and that on the road bike.

CdA is a product your position strongly influences

The two key drag parameters that your position influences are surface area exposed to the air (A) and the profile (Cd). To minimize your drag, finding the right tradeoff between A and Cd is crucial.

The position is a combination of many parameters

Your saddle setback, handlebar height, forearm height and setback, arm spacing and inclination, head position, shoulder spacing are all parameters you can play with. What is the best configuration? There is no magic. The only solution: test it!

Drag differences depending on the position on the bike

It's not only about the bike settings, but also about your attitude!

On the left is an example of drag differences captured with our sensors of different attitudes on the bike illustrated in the pictures. We are not talking here about just few watts, but about tens of watts*!!

*0.001m² of drag is equivalent to ~1W at 42.5km/h at sea level and 15°C air temperature.


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