Accelerate the development cycle of your

aero/rolling sensitive parts

Real conditions

Real world metrics

Forget the guesswork needed to extrapolate lab tests into real-world metrics. You can test your equipment where it counts, meaning outside with real air and road conditions.

Field test solution deployable close to your development team

No need to book expensive trips to lab centers. You can perform testing campaigns where and when you want.


Very high precision

The Aeroscale solution is extremely precise with an accuracy equivalent to that of a wind tunnel for aero assessment. Rolling resistance can also be evaluated with a great accuracy (sub watt precision)

High throughput

We have designed our solution to offer a full evaluation of an equipment combining more than 6 individual tests in less than 15′.


Remote testing offer

You need a quick benchmark of your equipment under development (helmet, tire, frame, skinsuit, wheel, etc.)? Send us your equipment and we’ll test it on our basecamp test track according to your specification.

Rolling and aero resistance measurement

Crr CdA noir

How do we proceed?

We assess

resistive force on the field on very short distances thanks to a patented protocol and a dedicated tool called F-explorer

We build

the force vs. pressure profile very quickly and accurately

Reliable data
We extract

the two golden friction parameters - CdA & Crr - with an outstanding accuracy

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