Track the performance evolution of your whole team

with consolidated speed metrics in TT

and road configurations

Real conditions

Real world metrics


Field test solution deployable close to your training camps

No need to book trips to lab centers or organize your training camps nearby anymore. You can perform tests where and when you want.


A very high level of precision

The Aeroscale solution achieves the same level of accuracy than wind tunnel solutions.

Test your entire team with Aeroscale

Aeroscale is intrinsically high throughput and multi-riders compatible offering more than 4 testable configurations per hours and per rider and with up to 3 riders at the same time.

Crr CdA blanc

Rolling and aero resistance measurement

Aeroscale helps you drive choices having impacts on both aero & rolling resistance. In particular, you can evaluate tyre-related choices suited to your race conditions very easily (brand, type -tubeless/tubular/tube, pressure level, section, temperature, road type, etc.)

A velodrome option is coming soon... stay tuned!


How do we proceed?

We assess

resistive force on the field on very short distances thanks to a patented protocol and a dedicated tool called F-explorer

We build

the force vs. pressure profile very quickly and accurately

Reliable data
We extract

the two golden friction parameters - CdA & Crr - with an outstanding accuracy

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