Your tires matter!

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Your tires play a major role

Your tires are the only contact points between your bike and the road and are essential in the “low friction” race. Tires absorb road vibrations and maintain road grip thanks to their deformation.

But they cost you energy

This deformation is not free. It costs energy! This energy cost is characterized by the rolling coefficient Cr, which acts like a slight hill that you have to climb permanently (between 0.20 and 0.70% depending on the tire). 

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The each tire its rolling coefficient

All tires are not equal and can present very different rolling coefficients depending on the asphalt, the outside temperature and the pressures used. How do you know which tire is faster on a given terrain? The only answer: test it!

All tires are not equal : ground truth

Here are some tests carried out on tire candidates for a race with Aeroscale protocols. More than 16W* @45km/h separates the best and worst tires. Choosing your tires wisely can actually save you a lot of watts!!

Various tires aero test results

*0.01% rolling resistance adds approximately 1W of resistance @45km/h for a 81kg rider (bike included)  


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